'Baxt The Great' 11 by 17 inch Poster

Framed "Baxt The Great" Poster on a wall
The photo above does not do it justice! Brighter and more vibrant when seen in person!

A gorgeous poster that will look great on your wall!

Want something cool for your magic room? Here's a little bit of history:

Old vintage Magic Posters look special for a reason: It's the way they were printed! A man named Aloysius Senefelder invented the stone lithography process in Munich, Germany in 1796. This is not done on traditional metal plate printing presses. Stone lithography involves limestone blocks, or "stones," which are prepared by grinding and sanding the block to a smooth surface. An artist then draws directly on the stone, using grease crayons and ink, and then the surface of the block is covered with an acid solution.

The stone is now dampened with water and the areas of the limestone not covered by the greasy crayon become wet, while an oily ink is then applied to the stone with a roller. Damp paper is then placed on the stone and a large flat board is laid on top. A press then transfers the drawing to the paper, and this must be repeated for each poster. It's a very labored and time consuming process!

Posters of this type are valuable collector items and very rare because once a posters initial printing run was completed, the stone was ground smooth again and the art erased for the next new poster to be created on the same block. Meaning no more of the same poster could ever be printed because the stones were not saved!

Robert Baxt has always loved the look of these antique posters and this is a reproduction in the style of just such an old magic image. They have been printed digitally, on glossy, extra heavyweight, 100 pound stock so they will arrive uncreased and uncrinkled to look beautiful as part of your collection. Printed at 43.18 by 27.94 centimeters (11 by 17 inches).

Shipped in a protective mailing tube.

Introductory price $17.95 with FREE! shipping, handling, & tracking number INSIDE the United States included. OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES, additional $22.99 for AIRMAIL Priority Mail Shipping with tracking number anywhere in the world!

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