Robert's Promotional Reel! Fun for any occasion or special event!

Robert Baxt, who created this charming routine, tells a heart warming story about family illustrated with some rope at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood...

Not for the kiddies, but for anyone who likes naughty but still nice, this will be a favorite!

Strolling, close-up, and roaming magic, this money trick is done right in people's hands!

Mindreading with a twist People will wonder: How did he know?

Fun with any audience volunteer, kid or adult and this "genuine" lie detector:

Comedy + Magic + a little puppetry = Fun for All!

This one requires special advance preparation and set up, but people will gasp at this magnificent "Levitation" illusion:

Plate Spinning just like on the old "Ed Sullivan" show with Robert!

More magic with that Robert Baxt twist:

Robert is an international performer! Here's a review of his DVD from England:

Robert has performed in Mumbai, and he has done his show for many Indian groups in the West Coast capital of India; Artesia, California!

Corporate event where there's been talk of downsizing? Heads will roll with this illusion!

Music makes any event better. Here's Robert and friend showing off their musical skills: